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Small Wedding Venue? - Padded Wooden Folding Chairs Could Be Your Solution - CTC Event Furniture

Posted by Ryan Owens on

The proposal you had been waiting for has come and gone, you're finally getting married! You’ve been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl and you want every detail to be perfect. You know exactly what kind of wedding you want, too. Those big, lavish weddings feel so impersonal and chaotic. You’d rather have a cozy, small wedding that’s perfect down to the tiniest detail.

You’ve crafted the ideal guest list and arranged the ceremony and celebrations. You’ve also booked the perfect venue. It’s beautiful and intimate, creating the best space for your dream wedding. The benefits of small weddings are many, but you especially love how much you can customize and focus on important finishing touches.

But now you’re down to the seating arrangements and you’re not entirely sure how to fit everyone into your cozy venue. You know that everyone needs to be comfortable, both for the seated moments and the moving around parts of the event. You don’t want to set up big comfy chairs and then make everyone feel trapped in their respective corners. This will be a day to remember and you want it to go smoothly and beautifully.

So what do you do? When it comes to seating, you think small and comfortable.

Wooden Folding Chairs

You’ve probably considered many different kinds of chairs, from big, padded metal chairs to chiavari chairs. But you might have overlooked the benefits of folding chairs. Many of them aren’t meant for sitting for long periods of time. Hard wood and a short seat make for an awful experience. However, if you instead choose wooden folding chairs that are made with padding, they can deliver convenience, beauty, and comfort. Here are a few reasons why they are the best solution for your small wedding.

1) They are elegant and classy. Wooden furniture is always in style and makes everything look upscale. It also gives a warm, cozy feeling that just about everyone loves. You can’t go wrong with choosing wooden chairs for a fussy event like a wedding. 

2) With added padding, they are comfortable. Throw padding on anything and it instantly becomes more enjoyable. The padding on wooden folding chairs is plenty thick for a longer ceremony or dinner. And you want your guests to be happily focused on you during the event instead of an uncomfortable seat!

3) They are light and easy to transport. Setup and cleanup are the most tedious parts of any event. Large, heavy furniture is sometimes the worst part, too. By choosing folding chairs, you’re deciding to make the whole process much easier. All your helpers will be immensely grateful.

4) They fit together in a space-saving way. So many chairs are created to space out guests, but if you’re working in a tight space that’s not what you want. You need chairs that maximize your venue and bring everyone together in a cozy way. For an intimate wedding, you want to call everyone in and make them feel less like an observer and more like a participant. Chairs can make all the difference in how cozy a wedding feels.

5) They can be folded up and cleared away quickly. Perhaps you have plans to clear the floor for dancing later. Folding chairs make that easy. After the ceremony and the dinner, bring out your helpers to fold up the chairs and stack them on the chair cart, then roll them all away. It’s as simple and quick as that!

6) They are durable and easy to clean. Wooden folding chairs are created to withstand many events and they’re made simple so you can just wipe them down after all the fun is over. Even if your wedding toast ended with champagne bubbling out onto the chairs, you can laugh easily knowing that cleanup will be a breeze.

7) They look great in an indoor or outdoor venue. The great thing about wooden folding chairs is that they looking beautiful and classy indoors, whether you’ve chosen a modern space or a simple, old chapel. You can also drag them outside and they look perfect in a green, flowering garden or on a simple, sandy beach.

8) They come in a number of stains and colors. You can make them fit your style and personality perfectly. Select a rustic-looking natural stain for that outdoors or bohemian-themed wedding. Or choose a simple white painted chair for a classy, indoor wedding.

9) You can decorate them for a customized look. Wooden folding chairs are made to look simple so you can personalize them to your heart’s content. Keep them as-is for a minimalist look, or drape fabric, lace, and flowers down the backs of the chairs for a stunning look. It’s your wedding and these chairs let you show your guests your in-love style.

Your wedding is a personal, special day to be shared with those you love the most. You get to choose every aspect of the event, from the intimate venue, to the treasured guest list, to the personalized touches at every place setting. This is a day to remember and by creating a small wedding, you’re making it a day that each guest will celebrate and reflect back on fondly. Bring them all together with cozy, yet beautiful wooden folding chairs. Your wedding day will be full of bonding, cherished conversations, and an intimate celebration of your love. It will be the day you’ve always dreamed your wedding could be!

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